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Predator Hunting

Predator Hunting First_204_coyote.jpg

For many reasons, not the least of which is population, crop damage, and disease control, predator hunting is growing in participation like few areas of hunting ever have.

Because of the unique and versatile characteristics of the AR15, it is of course, a natural fit for the firearms of choice when it comes to predator hunting. Multiple caliber choices, quick changing uppers, semi-automatic fire for quick follow-ups on moving targets and an accuracy factor second to none in the precision rifle game, the AR15 is not just America's Rifle, it's America's choice for predator control.

Coyote and wild-hog populations are at all time highs. in what is a symbiotic response, livestock kills and crop and property damage are also at an all time high costing landowners, farmers and ranchers millions every year.

While most brand names offer a 'hunting' style AR15, in most cases it is little more than the same rifle they offer for each and every other purpose, but with a camo finish. Olympic Arms is truly leading the industry in AR15 platform rifles designed specifically for hunting - especially for predators. With the largest choice in calibers by any brand name, handguards specifically designed for predator hunters, and with a variety of stock and pistol grip choices, no one can do a better job outfitting you for your predator hunt than Olympic.

Join Olympic Pro-Staffers like Dustin Butler of Predator Down (pictured above right with the very first coyote kill with an Olympic Arms .204 Ruger predator rifle) and Jeff Lewis owner and designer of Kanati Tek electronic digital game calls (and shooter of an Olympic Arms LTF Carbine), in taking to the fields in the fastest growing hunting market today. But don't forget your Olympic Arms rifle first.

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